Riding on Sanctuary Farm is an experience beyond belief.  Where you can get even closer to the game as they don’t seem to recognize you as a person they only see the four legs carrying you. Our grooms are extremely professional at looking after everyone from complete beginners to professional riders. You can be led or ride on your own but you will always be accompanied on an adventure you will never forget

where our cows our still lovingly milked twice a day by hand. Visitors are more than welcome to visit the dairy and try their hand at milking and visit the sweet babies just weaned from their mums.

A boat ride is an opportunity to get closer to rafts of hippo, watch fish eagles darting for fish and experience the lake from the water. The boat operators are skilled and experienced and will always find a safe place for a refreshing swim in the lake on a hot day. 3,000/ per boat seats six people.

Crescent Island is a stunning location within walking distance of the farm elevated with magnificent 360* views across the lake. Crescent Island is linked to Sanctuary Farm by a causeway. No vehicles are permitted on the island and walks are guided. Please contact Linda Gaymer for her rates 0726 878767.

A small national park known for its volcanic scenery. There is a dramatic little gorge, which is great fun to scramble down and follow the stream from the splashing hot springs. One can rock climb, cycle, ride, walk and drive in the park. Rock climbing instructors and ropes etc can be organized at the gate as can the hire of bicycles. Please see KWS site for latest rates.

Is a tiny jade green crater lake. There are many trails including one for hikers along the steep but diminutive crater rim. 40km from Sanctuary farm on a rough road.

A trail runs from the park entrance up to the crater rim and continues in a loop encircling the crater. The whole tour is 8-9km long but quite steep so the round trip takes around five hours hiking. Mt Longonot National Park is 20 minutes drive from the farm on a good tarmac road which then turns into a dirt road.

Is best known for its myriads of fuchsia pink flamingoes nesting along the shores of the alkaline lake and feeding on the abundant algae which thrives in the warm waters. Also of interest are the Rothschild giraffe, black and white rhino, lion, cheetah and leopard are also often seen within the park. An hour’s drive on good tarmac road. Please see KWS site for latest rates

Contains a wide range of landscapes – from the mountain peaks to deep v shaped valleys intersected by streams, rivers and waterfalls. Moorland, bamboo forests and rainforests at lower altitudes. Visitors can indulge in trout fishing, walking, picnics and bird watching – there are over 250 species. An hour’s drive on good tarmac to begin with and then on rather bad murram road thereafter. Please see KWS site for latest rates

Golf at the Great Rift Valley Lodge – voted the leading golf resort in Kenya. 40km away from the farm on a rough road.

Tennis, gyms and spas are available at Sopa Lodge 5km away and Enashipai 5km away.

For hand made beautifully painted pieces, as well as pottery classes. Obadiah's shop is open daily and he is happy to make to order.  His pottery classes are by appointment only please call Obadiah 0710 827632  

Let me along with the hands on staff at the Sanctuary Farm take care of you for 5 days, so that you can fill up your self-care cup with nourishment, nurturing yoga practices, wholesome organic vegetarian food, connect with like-minded souls and get to experience the real Africa. From 18th till 22nd of November 2018.